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Posted: Aug 21, 2018 8:47 am
It was 1968, we had been riding horses all day at the Circle G, as the sun went down we drove back to Graceland... My brothers and I rode in the limo with Elvis and some of the other guys, and a few others were in cars behind us... As we crossed over the Tennessee state line, on E.P. Blvd. Elvis said he was hungry and wanted a hamburger... We saw a place, it was called Lotta Burger... The driver asked, do you want to go through the drive through, Elvis??? Elvis said, "no, let's go in and eat"... As we parked the car I noticed no one was inside... As we walked in the manager came to the counter, I knew him and introduced Elvis to him... He was very surprised to see Elvis and was thrilled to meet him... Mr. Cooper, the manager, showed us to a large table, we took our seats and placed our order... As we were sitting there, a man walked into the hamburger joint... He walked to the counter and started yelling... Elvis looked over at him, and said "I guess he's had a little too much to drink"... We laughed, but it was obvious the man was drunk... We continued talking about the day and the fun we had... All of a sudden the drunk man started cussing the manager... He was yelling... Elvis stood up, Red and Sonny stood up also... Elvis told them to sit back down, he said "I'll handle this"... We all watched Elvis walk over the man... When Elvis got to the man he asked "is there a problem, sir"... The man looked at Elvis, he kind of squinted his eyes at Elvis, then he realized who he was... The man said, "you're Elvis Presley, aren't you"... Elvis smiled and said, "yes sir, I am"... Elvis stuck his hand out to shake the man's hand... The man looked at Elvis' hand and said, "well if it ain't Elvis (blanking) Presley"... Elvis just smiled, then asked "is there a problem sir"??? The man started yelling and cussing again, and also said, "yeah the service around here sucks"... He continued, "the manager says I have to wait until your order is done before I can get my food"... Elvis looked over at Mr. Cooper and said, "sir, let this man have his food first, we don't mind waiting, and I'll pay for it"... Elvis looked back at the man and said, "is that okay with you sir"??? The man looked at Elvis, then said "I don't need your money, you (blank-blank)... Elvis said, "okay sir, let's forget it, then"... Elvis was about to walk away when the man said, " don't walk away from me you (blank-blank)"... "I think I'm going to kick your ass, right now"... The man took a swing at Elvis... Elvis did an outward block, and spun the man around, Elvis grabbed the man by the back of his shirt collar and by his belt and walked the man outside, in one quick move... We all stood up and walked to the door... Just as we got to the door Elvis walked back in... We all clapped our hands and yelled "WAY TO GO ELVIS"!!! Elvis just laughed and we took our seats, again... Mr. Cooper brought our food to us and said, "this is on me Mr. Presley"... Elvis said, "thank you sir, but I'll pay for the food"... Mr. Cooper said, "but I'd like to repay you, for what you did"... Elvis smiled and said, "for what, all I did was take out some trash"...
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