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Posted: Mar 18, 2011 7:37 am | Edited by: Crystal Lake
Nickg and I visited this distillery last summer:


Anyone else?

The Rehorst Vodka and Rehorst Gin are delicious, super clean-tasting and really reasonably priced at around $28 a 40 oz. bottle. It costs at least $25 up here in BC for 40 oz of Tanq or Russian Standard and this is way, way better. I'd compare it to Grey Goose or another premium vodka in that there's no alcohol taste, only GG costs over $50 here. The gin is flavoured with something like 9 locally-sourced aromatics but is way less perfumey than the mid-range standards like Tanq or Bombay Sapphire. I think it tastes better than Tanqueray 10 or Hendrick's. It's a shame to drink either with any kind of mixer. We've had a few bottles and it's pretty much reserved for martinis or drinking straight.

They also have all kinds of rum, flavoured vodkas, grappa, kirsch, absinthe and other stuff that are all right (not really my cup of booze) but the gin and vodka are delicious. I wish we could get it up here.
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