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Posted: Jul 27, 2008 3:25 pm
my faves

today's kitchen experiment yielded 3 variations on a theme.

the theme: basic peanut butter cookie into which i added the following spices: chana masala, curry powder, cayenne pepper

variation 1) rolled the dough into balls, rolled the balls in sugar-coated fennel seeds, then pressed on them with the tines of a fork to give them the traditional peanut better cookie cross hatch. these look really cute - i would consider them the Indian version of the kind of cookies w/ M&M's in em.

variation 2) pressed the cross hatch into peanut butter cookie and put a thin slice of crystallized ginger on top

variation 3) (MY FAVE) made a "thumbprint" indent in the dough ball and filled with Hot Peach Chutney. a PB&J cookie a l'Indienne. Damn. i LOVE this cookie.

how else can i fuck up a peanut butter cookie??? suggestions?
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