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Posted: Apr 22, 2020 4:28 pm
post a record/song and give a story that goes along with it

I'll start

Back in 1995 around this time I was hanging out with a girl and we ended up at a party that a friend of hers was having. Scared of Chaka was going to play (I dont think any locals played but because of the events of the night I might be wrong...you'll see) and probably a keg or three. Typical Tucson action for those days.

What I didnt know...her friend had two roommates...one out of town working up in Alaska (Chad Kerr[RIP] of The Blacks who I had not met at that point yet) doing the fishing cannery gig, and one in town but not at home and not knowing a party was happening at his house. The 2nd roommate was also not happy with the friend roommate who was having the party (typical roommate troubles).

Now a year before the girl I was hanging out with had been working at a pizza place and had started booking shows there. Scared of Chaka had played one night and I had enjoyed them. Later that night I and a friend were talking to them and they said how their van had blown its engine on the way to Tucson and they had to get towed back, buy a new van, and head back out to make the gig. My friend not being super aware of social niceties stated "Man you guys must be rich to be able to do that." They were not amused and tensions had kind of flared with me trying to play referee.

Anyways back to this story...Scared of Chaka was playing, beer was flowing, fun times were being had when suddenly 2nd roommate shows up with a friend and quite suddenly tells the band to stop and starts yelling at the friend roommate who is suddenly trying to pull a vaccuum out of the closet and clean or something ("drugsxguilty conscience+throwing off criticism" Im guessing). Well the girl I like gets in the middle of it and 2nd rommmates friend slaps her out of the way and begins to reach towards his back where Im now noticing he has a gun holstered. I dive on dude and knock gun out of his hand which goes flying across the room so he goes for it and I stay with him punching with one hand and grabbing his hand which has grabbed the gun with the other. We struggle (me on top) him trying to point the gun at me, me pointing the gun at him and punching him at the same time. Gun goes off and I feel something akin to a sledgehammer slam into my right forearm. I say "You shot me" as if Im explaining how the Beatles learned everything they knew from US rock n roll, punch him a few more times and other friends drag me off him and into their car where they whisk me away to the nearest hospital.

I heard that dude stood up, pointed his gun at a few others and tried to pull the trigger but the gun had kammed. It was a Glock 9mm with hollowpoints. He had blown out my right elbow which I had rebuilt from bone out of my right hip bone.

He got charged with shooting a gun in city limits and eventually assault on the girl. Lawyers I talked to tried to get me to sue the renters of the house especially if they had renters insurance ( I declined). Dude would later...years later, pull a gun again at a different party and eventually wrap a rental car around a telephone pole his parents rented for him (typical rich spoiled brat) after he had done the same to his own car ending his life.

Ive been told by the other people who were also at that party they have never seen a band pack up their gear and leave a venue faster

Posted: Apr 22, 2020 4:40 pm
jammed not "kammed"
Posted: Apr 22, 2020 5:12 pm
What about "hammed"?
Posted: Apr 22, 2020 6:03 pm
thats my everyday reality...dont think it was the gun's though
Posted: Apr 22, 2020 11:08 pm | Edited by: bruce
I'm just wondering why his parents would rent him a telephone pole.
Posted: Apr 23, 2020 4:24 am
isnt it obvious? he was a jerk so they didnt like him either
Posted: Apr 24, 2020 5:01 pm
one time mark beef slept halfway between my kitchen and my living room after a fucken weird show in SLC. i understand why you hate this place beefy!
Posted: Apr 24, 2020 5:35 pm
I hope there's at least one more story as nuts as this one.
Posted: Apr 24, 2020 5:42 pm | Edited by: Mark Beef
DCR you were supposed to play a song or record to go along with your story

man you guys are not good at this

here Ill help you

Posted: Apr 25, 2020 5:23 pm
I just cut my hair listening to 'Cuts Like A Knife', completely sober but in a dark bathroom with only one mirror. I only cried once.
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