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Posted: Jan 8, 2004 4:12 am
So, I'm movin' to Chicago on January 17th and my friend is tryin' to organize people meetin' up for my goin' away party. When I move, I'll be away from a computer for quite sometime so I'll miss you all! I know I'm gonna be goin' through withdrawl from this board. Anyways, here's the info, so come out....

Subject: !Sayanara Daniel+son!
Greetings -
As most of you know... (and if not, I regret to inform you) Dan will soon be packing up his duffel bags and records and heading west... to Chi-town, Chikago. So, what a better send off for him than one involving lots o' drinks and debauchery (I can only guarantee the first one, the rest is up to you). Let's call it a rock n' roll post-holiday dance party!

So, bring your friends and your ho's and say GOOD LUCK, GOOD BYE, HAVE A GOOD LIFE, SCREW OFF and whatever else you'd like to say to him, or just sit there and cry in your beer. We don't care what you do, as long as you come!

WHEN: this Friday, January 9th
WHERE: downstairs at Niagara, 112 Ave A (6 to Astor Place, then walk east)
TIME: anytime after 9:00 pm
PHONE: (212) 420-9517

So be ready to rock, in the name of Dan O'Connell, on Friday night!


Posted: Jan 8, 2004 4:19 am
first, screw off. next go to bed. 3rd don't call here, xtine is sleeping. 4- i'm djing and so is xtine 16.
Posted: Jan 8, 2004 1:40 pm
Joe, ya know yer gonna miss my ugly mug! HAHHA! What are you doin' tonight? I wanna hangout for a bit and get my Willie Nelson record off of ya...
Posted: Jan 8, 2004 2:31 pm
dammit dan, now who am i gonna get shitty drunk with before the end of happy hour?
see you at the nyagraw
Posted: Jan 8, 2004 2:58 pm
Paddy, we got a week left of drunken debauchery, bro! Gotta drink alot!!!
Posted: Jan 8, 2004 4:40 pm
Soooo, just a quick update... The actual Niagra Wowsville Party doesn't start until 11pm, but since I don't know who has received this info here, I'll be at Niagra at 9 or so... Just thought I'd give heads up on it.

Oh yeah, I'm plannin' on shakin' my ass in Chicago on the 17th. Dunno where yet, maybe Club Foot unless there's anything else goin' on that night. Drinks anyone?

Posted: Jan 10, 2004 2:26 pm
I just wanted to say thanks to everyone that made it out to the Niagra last night! It was definately a blast. Now I'm hungover and tryin' to pack up my shit to move. ugggghhhhhhh....
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