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Posted: Jan 6, 2004 7:00 pm
just got a package from my old roommate in vegas today. three issues of front porch, i'd never even heard of it before. it's the fuchedest zine ever! great liquor reviews like the one for thunderbird "if it has a cap and not a cork, then you know you're livin'!" a good stoopid paperback called movie monsters, bad vibe #2, scram #3, a couple o' issues of tease!, a cdr of chains and black exhaust... what the fuck??? now i've been privy to many great funk tracks, lotsa mega obscurities and such, but this has got to be the absolute sickest of 'em all! not exactly inpeptitude, but dudes layin' down the heavy heavy with such nastiness it should be banned in broward county. sounds like heroin funk... tons o' head fuckery goin' on. oh yeah, he also sent #86 outta 100 of the first press of the persuaders lp and the oblivions estrus crust single blew my cool. what??? and a pack of andy griffith show trading cards, norton promo esquerita stickers, fat possum stickers, a crypt records temp. tattoo, but i got a real one on my left shoulder, and one o' dem permanent metal 45 adaptors which i'm about to go stick in some big round hole. 'showstopper' by iron knowledge is fuckin' up my noodle, yo.
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