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Posted: Jan 1, 2004 6:12 am
It's 2004!!!

The JukeBoyds are the best band in the world!

Todd Trickknee
Posted: Jan 1, 2004 3:14 pm
Yeah, I'm glad you finally got to see 'em. They remind me a lot of the Mystery Girls 3-4 years ago, but with a wider range of tunes. Which makes sense, since they grew up together, and Jeff was in MGs side projects in high school. They need to stop being so shy on stage, though.
Posted: Jan 8, 2004 4:28 am
Not the best 100% representation of their song but here's some JukeBoyds mp3's...


Posted: Jan 8, 2004 5:14 am
And here's the a speil on 'em from Smashin' Transistors (in case ya didn't read it already)

Quite a blast was had here in Port Huron as we rang in the New Year! It was the first chance at anyone outside the state of Wisconsin hearing and seeing the Juke Boyds and they didn't let us down! If you were to take the Stones "Let It Bleed", take away their heroin and Jack Daniels, replace it with a cheap beer like Rhinelander or Pabst's and allow them mood enchancers like some stinky & sticky greed buds and ephedra. Let 'em boil for a couple hours til they're good and stewed then seal them up in an barrel of crude oil. Drag in behind the back of a truck til you get to the Mystery Girls practice spot and roll it through the door. Crack the plastic cap seal off a half gallon of Old Thompson's Whiskey , sit on the couch and wait for the barrel's contents to ferment. When it's ready, pull them out, slap 'em upside the head a couple of times, feed 'em some frozen pizza then kick 'em out of the nest and set them out to give the world their sounds.

The Juke Boyds got blusey punk stagger, trash rock bluster and a honky tonk shake. Four guys just hitting the legal drinking age that drove almost 500 miles looking for a good time. Not only did they have one they made sure everyone crammed in a basement didn't leave til they had one too. Think somewhere between the Neckbones not southern sun fried but midwest wind burned and the Black Lips firing burning hot on all 8 cylinders instead sounding like they're about to fall apart.


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