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Posted: Dec 10, 2003 12:11 am
anyone know where i can get one with the little girl in her panties? i ll buy it off anyone whose got one.
authentic metal face
Posted: Dec 16, 2003 11:00 pm
i have one with blood stains, various other stains, and a couple of cig. burns. Are you interested and how much are you willing to part with.
Posted: Dec 17, 2003 3:10 am
Is it just brutalized or is it SEMI ok? and also what size is it? that is an important part. hmm its all in yer hands of how much you wanna charge dude. When i was with em we never got around to makin anymore. Now i wish we did before i quit.
authentic metal face
Posted: Dec 18, 2003 7:54 pm
it's a medium and it's quite faded
Posted: Dec 18, 2003 9:09 pm
Posted: Dec 19, 2003 5:06 am
i'll give you a bump at the hasil atkins show
Posted: Dec 19, 2003 5:21 am
no no...no no. do not try and scam this shirt ive been looking for, my friend.
authentic metal face
Posted: Dec 19, 2003 9:11 pm
actually i'd rather trade for it. what do you have you'll part with? email at chad@rocksoffrpm.com
as for the haze show should i just look for a monkey with coke?
michael bateman
Posted: Dec 20, 2003 3:19 am
i know i always do.
eric o
Posted: Dec 20, 2003 4:23 am
eric o
Posted: Dec 20, 2003 4:23 am
except that's the donkey with coke, in new orleans.
Posted: Dec 20, 2003 4:44 am
just want to let all my pals out there know that my birthday is coming up real soon.....


Posted: Dec 20, 2003 8:17 am
jason- love ya-
authentic metal face
Posted: Dec 20, 2003 6:12 pm
so donkey are you now a monkee and when's your birthday. lil' batemans never have coke, just bait. oh yeah KAJUN SS photoshoot this sun. what does this all mean
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