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Posted: Aug 18, 2011 7:18 pm
... gave 'em another shot after 10 years. They have been nice. Their food is good.

that's all.
Posted: Aug 19, 2011 2:26 am
You really need to go the distance out to New Que Huong in Collierville, Tien's (the big sister) new restaurant. Their pho is probably the best I've ever had.

She rules, too.
Posted: Aug 19, 2011 3:06 am
I second the Collierville tip....extry good!
Posted: Aug 19, 2011 3:24 am
I would "go the distance" - isn't that a rad cake song? - but don't have a whole lot of time to travel for the pho on a weeknight. Must make a weekend trip to try it.

I'm just glad they're not assholes anymore in Midtown.
Posted: Aug 19, 2011 4:19 am
I think Tien got extra nice because she's happy to have her own place. I never had a problem with the attitudes at Saigon Le but after Tien left, it seemed like the "quality control" on the food went to shit.
Posted: Aug 19, 2011 4:27 am
I heard someone call the snooty one at Saigon Le "Mean Chow Cunt"
Posted: Aug 19, 2011 5:43 am
whata doyu want?shes probly incarcerated for arsen in burning down the vietnamese bistro.......
Posted: Aug 19, 2011 7:20 am
i gave up on the place after repeated rude service. Rude enough to keep me away for 10 years.
Posted: Aug 19, 2011 8:17 am
i miss vietnam bistro!
Posted: Aug 19, 2011 2:49 pm
Lots of other good viet food in town. I quit going some years back to and have never looked back. I like Pho Saigon on Poplar. Best spring rolls, chicken curry soup and lemongrass chicken in town. Tofu and veg dishes not so hot. New Que Hong has the best of the variety.
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